Terms of Service/Privacy

The ‘subscription service’ – for ‘the website’: https://www.subscriber.tradingsunset.com

Primary aim – to provide regular market updates on the US equity market during the normal trading hours of 9.30am (EST) to 4pm (EST), Monday to Friday.

Secondary aim – to offer a dedicated service to subscriber chart requests/questions.

Subscriber payments/schedule

Payment is via two main types…

-Payments on a monthly recurring basis (no contract)
-Payment for a given block of time, typically, 1, 6, or 12 months.

Market updates/postings are for informational purposes only

These pages (and especially all charts) are for informational purposes only. Most of the numerical data/calculations should be correct. However, YOU make your own decisions as to if you think any comment or data point/chart is correct or not. All comments by subscribers – as posted via Disqus (or any other type), may/may not be agreed with by yours truly.

I (Philip Calrissian) am not a financial advisor as officially endorsed by any national government, corporation, financial/securities regulatory authority in neither the USA, UK, or any part of the world. None of the posts/comments in these pages are intended, nor should be perceived as trading/investment advice.

Re: posting of trades/positions

From time to time, I may post trade entries, and details of prior/existing/planned trades/investment positions. I will sometimes post any subsequent exit, and whether it was a profit/loss. However, I do not always do this, for a number of reasons, not least, sometimes I just do not wish to highlight every trade I do!


I do not carry advertisements on https://www.subscriber.tradingsunset.com

The only data held on file for each subscriber is: name (whether personal, corporate, or anonymous online moniker), email address, username, password. Specific payment details (such as payment card number) are never disclosed (by Paypal) to yours truly.

A customer/subscriber who decides to unsubscribe/not renew, will have their name (whether personal, corporate, or anonymous online moniker), and email address, held on file for tax purposes/records for (at least) five years.

I will never disclose or sell subscriber email addresses to anyone.

I do not do mailing lists.

Page last update: 25/8/2020