Climbing into the Dark Winter

The SPX saw a net October gain of +297pts (6.9%) to 4605, having broken a new historic high of 4608. Whilst there are many very serious threats to the market (primarily geo-political and health related), for now, the m/t trend remains unquestionably very strong.

We have an ‘interesting’ Dark Winter ahead. If you like charts, and would like market commentary from someone who is truly independent… subscribe!

October subscription offers


October subscription offers…

Six months at $16 a month for $96 (+ONE month of extra time)
Twelve months at $15 a month for $180 (+TWO months of extra time).

-Payment for each offer is in one lump sum.
-Whilst the transaction is via Paypal, you do NOT need a Paypal account.
-Offers valid until October 31st 2021.

There also remains the usual ability to pay on a monthly basis ($17 a month).