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These are increasingly difficult times for those seeking unbiased news/information. The vice of censorship continues to tighten across the mainstream websites, as many issues are either intentionally ignored, or just outright lied about.

Support independent media! I’m certainly not just referencing myself, but all of those who are highlighting important financial, and social issues. If you’re increasingly riled up about the mainstream media hacks, now is the time to support your independent media!

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July subscription offers

July subscription offers…

Six months at $16 a month for $96 (+one month of extra time)
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-Both offers valid until July 31st 2021.

There also remains the usual ability to pay on a monthly basis ($17 a month).


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Nothing goes up forever, but as of June 11th 2021, there is zero sign of a short, mid, or long term ceiling/turn. Ongoing price action is pretty incredible, as monthly momentum hasn’t been this strong since the late 1970s, perhaps ever.

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