Across the spring

April was a bearish month, as the US equity market remains m/t broken from the Jan’ historic high of 4818. The outlook has to be negative across the spring, and into the summer.

A giant back test of the double top of 2000/2007 of the 1500s would be ideal, but first things first… the 3500s, and then a bounce to test old support – now resistance, of the monthly 10MA, and the daily 200MA.

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New tax year, extra time

With a new tax year (at least for those within the UK), its time for a special offer…

Six months at $16 a month for $96 (+TWO months of extra time)
Twelve months at $15 a month for $180 (+FOUR months of extra time).

-Payment for each offer is in one lump sum.
-Whilst the transaction is via Paypal, you do NOT need a Paypal account.
-Both offers valid until April’30th 2022.

There also remains the usual ability to pay on a monthly basis ($17 a month).


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