Summer offers

Regardless of how June settles, with a new hist’ high (5505 as of June 20th), its to be seen as a net bullish month. Monthly momentum is powerfully strong, as all cooling waves remain very limited.

The summer does threaten some unrest though…

-French & UK Elections.
-Trump, and related political chatter.
-Geo-political upsets via Israel/middle east, and Ukraine/Russia.

Between now and the Nov’5th election (assuming there is one), we should expect market volatility to increase from the current VIX 13s.

If you love drama, the US equity/capital market should provide it, and more so… into the fall.

Summer offers

6 months at $17 a month for $102 (+ ONE month of free time)
12 months at $15 a month for $180 (+ THREE months of free time).

-Payment for each offer is in one lump sum.
-Offers valid until midnight EDT, Sunday July 31st, 2024

You can pay via Stripe, which takes payments, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Link.

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Silver into the summer

Silver saw a net May gain of +$3.79 (14.2%) to $30.44, having printed $32.75, the highest since Dec’2012.

The break above psy’ $30 was decisive, as I shall continue to see silver as the most obvious, if not most comfortable trade into/across the summer.

It should be also be clear, the higher that silver climbs, the more wild/volatile the price action shall become. For some… it will be too much to stomach. For others… it could be very profitable.

A push to $40 looks realistic before Labor day. If correct, very bullish implications for the related silver miners, not least AG, PAAS, and HL.

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